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L. A. Fabrication, LLC: A Leader in Metal Fabrication

L. A. Fabrication is a custom Job Shop providing metal fabrication and welding services. Materials handled include Carbon/mild steel, stainless steel, & aluminum. We can develop your project from the prototype to full production. Our CAD/CAM design, CNC machinery and quality control system helps assure you of accurate parts delivered on time.

Capabilities include
fabricating precision parts up to 6 ft. x 12 ft. sizes with thickness up to 0.625 in. & +/-0.004 in. accuracy, plasma burning, CNC plasma cutting, spot welding up to 300 kVA, stick, TIG, MIG, shearing, punching, breaking, sawing, assembly, galvanizing, painting, powder coating and sandblasting. Fabrication services are suitable for various applications including agricultural, government, industrial, banking, retail, automotive, real estate, construction, recreation and restaurant. In-house drafting, installation, project management and turnkey services are also available.

Our projects have included:

  • Trailer Rigging & Shelving Units
  • Stairs & Stair Towers
  • Landings    
  • ADA Handrails
  • Brew Tank Installation
  • Columns
  • Food Grade Equipment Installation
  • Commercial Street Barricades
  • Edge Angle Embeds
  • Piping
  • Trade Show & Theater Stage Sets
  • Commercial Project Management

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